Teaching my kids abouts cars
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Teaching my kids abouts cars

I think it's really important to know a bit about the internals of a car, so that when you are getting your car serviced you can talk intelligently with the auto technician. As well, there are many easy DIY jobs you can do on your car to save your some money which can make all the difference when you are young and starting out. This site is where I am recording everything I am teaching my kids about auto servicing, and because I think it will be useful to many other families as well. I hope you find it useful for your family.

Teaching my kids abouts cars

  • Four Safety Reasons To Get New Oil Coolers

    17 November 2022

    Do you know what your engine oil cooler is doing? It's keeping your car running, but it's also working hard to keep your engine safe. Engine oil coolers are designed to keep the engine oil at the right temperature so that it won't get too hot or too cold, which can cause damage to your vehicle. If you're worried about the quality of your car's cooling system, here are four reasons why you should get new oil coolers:

  • Why Is Your Engine Coolant a Milky Colour?

    12 August 2022

    If you have just inspected the coolant in your car or truck's expansion chamber and found that it has a strange, milky consistency, you will be wondering what is going on. Clearly, this is not the typical state of antifreeze or coolant, and it could be a sign of a bigger problem elsewhere. What could this problem be related to, and what should you do to fix it? The Perils of a Blown Head Gasket

  • Is It Easy to Get Rid of Smaller Dents and Dings?

    2 June 2022

    As there are so many cars on the road today and as the streets are often congested, it can be difficult to avoid minor collisions from time to time. It is even more challenging to avoid those minor dents and dings that you often pick up in a busy car park when you go grocery shopping. But how can you get rid of those imperfections so that you can be once again proud of your vehicle?

  • Subtle but Critical Advantages of a Mobile Mechanic

    15 March 2022

    Taking a vehicle to a garage for repairs or routine service is standard practice for motorists. After all, professional auto service shops have everything necessary to perform checks and repairs on any car that pulls up in their garage. However, did you know that some auto repair technicians offer mobile mechanic services? Unlike in-shop mechanic services, mobile mechanics come to your home, workplace or accident site. Besides the obvious benefits of mobile mechanics, such as convenience, time-saving and efficient services, some advantages are subtle, as highlighted in this post.

  • Disruptive Trends that Car Mechanics Should Watch

    12 January 2022

    Disruptive trends are common in many industries, including auto repairs. Therefore, car mechanics should keep a keen eye. Notably, disruptive trends could be the difference between success and failure. Staying up to date is one sure way of surviving the cycles, but it means reading magazines, watching hours of footage of shows about the auto repair industry and participating in periodic conferences. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming for car mechanics, especially if running a startup venture.