Teaching my kids abouts cars
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Teaching my kids abouts cars

I think it's really important to know a bit about the internals of a car, so that when you are getting your car serviced you can talk intelligently with the auto technician. As well, there are many easy DIY jobs you can do on your car to save your some money which can make all the difference when you are young and starting out. This site is where I am recording everything I am teaching my kids about auto servicing, and because I think it will be useful to many other families as well. I hope you find it useful for your family.

Teaching my kids abouts cars

Subtle but Critical Advantages of a Mobile Mechanic

Kenzi Jacobs

Taking a vehicle to a garage for repairs or routine service is standard practice for motorists. After all, professional auto service shops have everything necessary to perform checks and repairs on any car that pulls up in their garage. However, did you know that some auto repair technicians offer mobile mechanic services? Unlike in-shop mechanic services, mobile mechanics come to your home, workplace or accident site. Besides the obvious benefits of mobile mechanics, such as convenience, time-saving and efficient services, some advantages are subtle, as highlighted in this post. 

Easy Appointment Planning

Planning in-shop auto repairs or service appointments can seem straightforward for the most part, but that is not always the case. For instance, you can tell a mechanic that you will drop by the garage on a weekday evening. However, something might come up at work and force you to leave later than usual, missing your appointment with the mechanic. Therefore, it means that you must negotiate with your mechanic to find a spot for you on the waiting list. In contrast, scheduling car service or repairs appointments with a mobile mechanic is easy, and the chances of missing an appointment are significantly reduced.

Eliminates Towing Fees

If your car needs basic service, you should have no problem driving to a garage. However, you might have to call towing services if the vehicle is not drivable. For example, you cannot drive your car to a garage if it has a cracked windscreen. Similarly, you need towing services if your vehicle has a faulty starter. Since towing services cost money, you end up spending more by the time you get your car back from a mechanic. Although some garages offer towing services at a reduced rate, you still have to part with a few bucks. Mobile mechanics eliminate towing services and significantly reduce auto service costs.

One-on-One Service

When you drive to an auto service shop for repairs or car service, a professional technician will welcome any question you might have. They should also focus on your car for the duration of the service without distractions. However, garage operations are not that straightforward because technicians usually deal with many clients and colleagues. Thus, it can be difficult to get that one-on-one service you yearn for. Mobile mechanics are quite the opposite because they dedicate every minute to you and your car. Thus, it gives you the freedom and time to ask a technician as many questions as you like.