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Teaching my kids abouts cars

I think it's really important to know a bit about the internals of a car, so that when you are getting your car serviced you can talk intelligently with the auto technician. As well, there are many easy DIY jobs you can do on your car to save your some money which can make all the difference when you are young and starting out. This site is where I am recording everything I am teaching my kids about auto servicing, and because I think it will be useful to many other families as well. I hope you find it useful for your family.

Teaching my kids abouts cars

What to Expect During A Car Air Conditioning Service

Kenzi Jacobs

Your car air conditioning system influences the comfort of the vehicle by cooling the interior. It works by extracting heat from your car cabin, leaving you and your passengers feeling cool and comfortable when you're travelling in hot weather.

Maintaining your vehicle's air conditioning system helps you to avoid problems that may result in a loss of interior cooling power. That's why you should have a professional perform regular maintenance on your AC system.

Here's what typically happens when you take your car to an auto air conditioning service expert.

Testing the Performance of the AC System

The first thing that gets done during routine air conditioning system maintenance is testing the performance of the system. The locations of the temperature probes are identified and thermocouples are installed to take temperature readings. If the temperatures recorded are warmer than your AC system's temperature settings, this is an indication that the system is losing its cooling ability.

A loss of interior cooling ability is almost always caused by refrigerant leaks.

Checking for AC Leaks

Like the air conditioning system installed in your home or office, your car air conditioner derives its cooling ability from the refrigerant that flows through it.

Refrigerant is a colourless, odourless chemical that absorbs heat from the air inside your car and then directs the heat outside, providing you and your passengers with the ambient in-car temperatures needed to enjoy a comfortable ride. The chemical isn't meant to escape from your AC system, but it can leak for a variety of reasons. When this happens, your AC system won't cool your car interior as efficiently as it should or at all.

Car air conditioning system technicians can use a variety of techniques to identify the location of leaks in your vehicle's AC system. Some common methods used to find AC leaks in cars include: 

  • Pressure testing
  • Using a soapy solution
  • Using a sniffer device
  • Using fluorescent dyes that show under a leak-detecting lamp

The appropriate leak-detection technique for your car air conditioning system depends on the location of the leaks.

Restoring the AC System

Here, any problem that prevents your car air conditioner from running as smoothly and efficiently as it should is addressed. Any leaks found within your AC system are sealed before the right amount of refrigerant is recharged. AC technicians also inspect AC components for damage and wear and tear that may prevent the system from working properly.

Car air conditioning maintenance is a job that is best done by a professional. Contact a car AC technician to book your appointment today.